Diodes Introduces New Transistor Array Product ULN62003A

The ULN62003A consists of seven 500mA rated open-drain transistors where all sources are connected to the same ground pin. This high-current transistor array is capable of driving a variety of loads such as solenoids, relays, DC motors and LED displays, and is designed primarily for climate control and home appliances. This product can be used in washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, and air conditioning units. 

The ULN62003A is made with DMOSFET output transistors and has an output voltage drop of only 0.2 V. This is much lower than bipolar devices that are pin compatible. The resulting reduction in power consumption not only minimizes the overall power consumption used, but also alleviates heat-related problems and improves reliability. It can also control more devices while still maintaining the required die temperature. 

The device also supports input voltages as low as -1V for more flexibility in use, and the GND pin can be used to detect overcurrent conditions. This capability further enhances the robustness of the system and expands the product applications that the ULN62003A can address. Each output of the transistor array has a clamping diode to provide protection and reliability when driving inductive loads. 

The ULN62003A is available in an SO-16 package and offers superior performance for many popular peripheral drivers.

Vanceer Electronics will also be selling the Diodes ULN62003A.