Enhancing Electronic Designs with Nexperia Diodes - A Comprehensive Guide by Geefook

At Geefook, we take pride in being one of the industry's leading distributors, specializing in a wide range of high-quality electronic components. Today, we are excited to explore the benefits and applications of Nexperia Diodes, a renowned product in our extensive inventory. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Nexperia Diodes, highlighting their specifications, applications, and why they are essential for electronic designs.

1. Understanding Nexperia Diodes:

Nexperia Diodes, such as BZX38450-C20X, BZX8450-C20VL, BZX8450-C20-QVL, and BZX8850S-C20-QYL, are cutting-edge components manufactured by Nexperia, a leading name in the semiconductor industry. These diodes are specifically designed for various applications and boast outstanding performance characteristics.


2. Unveiling Nexperia Diode Specifications:

When it comes to electronic designs, specifications matter the most. Nexperia Diodes offer impressive features such as low reverse leakage current, with only 50 nA at 15.2 V for BZX8850S-C20-Q/SOD882BD/XSON2. The impedance (Max) or Zzt stands at 55 Ohms, ensuring efficient circuit operations. With a maximum power of 365 mW and a forward voltage (Vf) of 900 mV @ 10 mA, these diodes guarantee reliable performance.


3. Applications and Versatility:

Nexperia Diodes are incredibly versatile and find applications in various industries. Their surface-mount packaging (SOD-882) makes them ideal for space-constrained designs, while their operating temperature of 150°C ensures reliable operation in demanding environments. Whether it's in aviation, automobiles, communication, medical equipment, or new energy solutions, Nexperia Diodes provide the robustness and efficiency required for critical electronic systems.


4. Geefook and Nexperia Diodes - A Perfect Match:

As a customer-oriented distributor, Geefook is proud to offer Nexperia Diodes to design engineers and buyers worldwide. Our collaboration with Nexperia, a renowned semiconductor manufacturer, ensures that you receive authentic and 100% genuine components. We have millions of products in our inventory, including Nexperia Diodes, enabling us to process and deliver your orders promptly.



In conclusion, Nexperia Diodes are essential components that play a crucial role in enhancing electronic designs across various industries. With Geefook's commitment to customer satisfaction and an extensive range of products, we are your go-to partner for obtaining Nexperia Diodes and other electronic components. Experience the convenience of our fast and reliable delivery services, competitive pricing, and 24/7 technical support for all your electronic needs. Trust Geefook to bring your electronic designs to life with the power of Nexperia Diodes.