Introduction to connectors

Connectors are essential components in electronic products, connecting and transmitting signals in circuits.  There are many types of connectors, such as board-to-board connectors, wire-to-board connectors, and wire-to-wire connectors.  This article will focus on introducing the connector products of MOLEX and TE, two well-known foreign brands.


MOLEX is a global leading connector manufacturer headquartered in Illinois, USA.  MOLEX’s products are widely used in various fields, including data communication, consumer electronics, medical equipment, and industrial control.  MOLEX’s advantage lies in its strong R&D capabilities, continuously launching innovative connector products.  For example, MOLEX’s Mini-Fit series connectors are compact board-to-board connectors with high density, high reliability, and ease of use.  In addition, MOLEX has launched the Kovio series connectors suitable for high-speed data transmission, meeting the needs of 5G and IoT.


TE Connectivity (TE) is a global technology company focusing on connection and sensor fields.  TEs products cover various industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, and medical.  TEs connector products feature high quality and high performance.  For example, TEs Deutsch series connectors are waterproof and shock-resistant wire-to-wire connectors suitable for applications in harsh environments.  Moreover, TEs NexSys series connectors are board-to-board connectors with low insertion force and high density, meeting the requirements of miniaturized electronic products.


In addition to MOLEX and TE, there are many other foreign well-known brands producing connectors, such as Amphenol, Hirose, and JST.  These brandsconnector products have their own features, providing a rich selection for electronic product designers.  When choosing a connector, you should select the appropriate brand and product according to specific application requirements to ensure circuit stability and reliability.